March Impact Player Profile Series: Markus Howard, Marquette

When you are your team’s go-to player, you have the chance to put your team on your back, or to shoot your team’s way out of the building. In our recent podcast, Nathaniel Lapoint discussed Marquette’s Marcus Howard, and his ability to do exactly this for the Golden Eagles. “I was at the Marquette-Murray State game, and quite frankly, I watched Marcus Howard shoot Marquette out of the tournament” Lapoint commented. That was more or less true as, despite posting 26 points, Howard fired up 27 shots – the rest of the starting lineup shot 30 times combined. He lofted 14 three-pointers, which was two more than the rest of the starters combined. His mass volume of shooting outweighed his 26 points, as a 33% effort from the field was not enough to overcome Murray State, and the fifth-seeded Golden Eagles crashed out of the tournament in the Round of 64.

This season, Howard has remained Marquette’s stud, averaging a career-high 27.8 points per game, shooting 40% from three and 42% from the field. He has a whopping 10 games with at least 30 points, and three with 40+. There is no question that Marquette lives and dies by Markus Howard, which gives him the potential to takeover March Madness, if he can lift Marquette back into the tournament. He’s a high-risk, high-reward player, and if he gets hot at the right time, he could send the Blue Jays on a run in the tournament. 

Howard is undoubtedly the key to Marquette’s success – the Golden Eagles are 9-1 when he scores at least 30 points – and his high volume and shooting ability earns him a spot in our March Impact Player Profile Series.

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